Building systemic changes

The Closed Plastic Circle project’s goal is to comprehensively cover the entire life cycle of plastic, from product design to collection and reprocessing into new products. The change will be achieved by using a widespread, fact-based management approach that uses all available means. The Closed Plastic Circle is an example of a regional project for which the ecosystem produces solutions. It sets a common goal for the different actors: all recyclable plastics should be recycled into materials. The foundation’s flagship project involves, for example, creating new solutions in plastic collection, ensuring the circulation of hard plastics, considering how to generate demand for recycled plastics and thinking about how plastic circulation can be promoted through regulation.

Closed Plastic Circle

Taking plastic circulation in the Helsinki metropolitan area to the next level

The goal of the Closed Plastic Circle project is to get all recyclable plastic in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Lahti to circulate more efficiently. An ecosystem made up of actors in the private and public sectors is developing impactful actions to help reach the common goal.Read more >

1,5°C Solutions

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