Team until 30th June 2021

  • Tiina Kähö

    Tiina Kähö

    Smart & Clean Foundation,
    Executive director connecting people for impact
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    Staying below 1,5 °C global warming requires urgent and massive CO2 emission reductions, as well as changes in lifestyles. To do this, we have a unique combination of creative and active citizens, progressive cities, and the world’s leading companies in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

  • Iina Oilinki

    Iina Oilinki

    Smart & Clean Foundation,
    Anthropologist turned city-systems-change advisor
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  • Jaana Pelkonen

    Jaana Pelkonen

    Smart & Clean Foundation,
    Energy sector professional and the backbone of projects
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    A new, active attitude has taken over the metropolitan area. People are no longer waiting for others to solve challenges but are boldly taking charge of the changes themselves. Change happens when political ambitions, business objectives and cities’ strategies all have the same goal. Co-creation isn’t just about coming up with ideas together but also sharpening common goals, creating shared rules and taking responsibility for the results.

  • Päivi Hagel

    Päivi Hagel

    Smart & Clean Foundation,
    Administrative assistant who gets things done
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    The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is of a great size to test new solutions. I am eagerly driving the change and contributing to making things happen. In my own household I recycle, and I'm an active user of public transport.

  • Mirella Baas

    Mirella Baas

    Smart & Clean Foundation,
    All-round designer and visual wizard
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    Climate change is a global crisis that requires urgent, concrete and comprehensive action at all levels from states to cities, businesses, and individuals. Finland, and Helsinki metropolitan area specifically, has true potential to be a world-class pioneer for climate solutions and putting systemic change into practise, provided that different actors cooperate and compromise open-mindedly and innovatively. In my work at the Smart & Clean Foundation I'm able to contribute to the concretisation and effectiveness of this message as well as the data and tools supporting it through visual communication.


  • Pertti Korhonen

    Pertti Korhonen

    Smart & Clean Foundation, Chairman of the Board
    Traffic Management Finland, CEO


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  • Jukka Mäkelä

    Jukka Mäkelä

    Smart & Clean Foundation, Vice Chairman of the Board
    City of Espoo, Mayor


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    The Helsinki metropolitan area is a tight concentration of innovations and know-how, surrounded by incredibly beautiful and clean nature. Sustainable development stems from proper values: respecting nature and appreciating people. These things are deeply rooted in me, a boy from Tapiola.

  • Minna Aila

    Minna Aila

    Neste, SVP, Sustainability, Public Affairs, Communications and Brand


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    Our generation sees the impact of climate change concretely. If we want to leave a healthier planet to future generations, we have to put all our efforts into finding the solutions. That requires courage, expertise and investments.

  • Nina Kopola

    Nina Kopola

    Business Finland, Director General


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  • Jussi Manninen

    Jussi Manninen

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Executive Vice President


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    I know several people with super powers in my organisation, who can help us towards a better future – luckily as I don’t possess any super powers myself. I can help them by providing resources and linking them to the right projects.

  • Mari Pantsar

    Mari Pantsar

    Sitra, Director


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    In my job at Sitra I can speed up Finland’s change towards a resource wise and zero-carbon society with the organisation’s resources. It is not just a job, it’s my passion. Who could say no to growth, competitiveness and new jobs while working for the environment.

  • Hannu Penttilä

    Hannu Penttilä

    City of Vantaa, Deputy Mayor, Land use, Building and Environmental Department Read more

    The Helsinki Metropolitan Area has the world’s strongest local government, which provides magnificent opportunities for making new ideas into reality in cooperation with companies, communities and local government. Vantaa will be the world’s best sustainable airport city.

  • Kalle Saarimaa

    Kalle Saarimaa

    Fortum, Vice President, Recycling & Waste Solutions


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    What people do matters, but climate change is tackled on the systemic level. I feel that I can influence it most through my work. We are actively investing in recycling plastics and batteries and developing new technology for their treatment. I have a clear vision of the future of circular economy and a strong drive to push things forward. I also know industrial processes and how different materials can be recycled. This combination helps achieve concrete results.

  • Anni Sinnemäki

    Anni Sinnemäki

    City of Helsinki, Deputy Mayor, Urban Environment


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  • Ville Tamminen

    Ville Tamminen

    Caverion, Head of Division Finland


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  • Janne Öhman

    Janne Öhman

    Siemens Osakeyhtiö, CEO


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Supervisory Board

  • Jan Vapaavuori

    Jan Vapaavuori

    Smart & Clean Foundation, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    City of Helsinki, Mayor


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    Helsinki means people whose passion is to solve significant challenges. Together we can create the most advanced everyday life and concentrate on solving the global challenges that benefit the whole humanity. Our significant actions need to be Smart & Clean.

  • Ilkka Niemelä

    Ilkka Niemelä

    Smart & Clean Foundation, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    Aalto University, President


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    I will personally reduce needless consumption and increase the use of public transport in everyday mobility. Pushing sustainable development forward is a central part of Aalto University’s operations. The know-how of the university and the innovation and ecosystem partnerships with their international networks accelerate the scaling up and development of smart sustainable solutions.

  • Juhani Damski

    Juhani Damski

    Ministry of the Environment, Permanent Secretary


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  • Kari Herlevi

    Kari Herlevi

    Sitra, Project Director, Circular Economy


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    [caption id="attachment_4313" align="alignleft" width="1200"] Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / Sitra[/caption]

  • Sirpa Hertell

    Sirpa Hertell

    Espoo city council, Vice Chair


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    Espoo has been chosen as the most sustainable city in Europe out of 140 cities. The metropolitan area has excellent prerequisites to develop smart solutions for example in turning public traffic and energy production emission-free. We have quality universities and active, well educated citizens.

  • John Liljelund

    John Liljelund

    Vaisala, Head of Air Quality Read more

    You cannot manage what you don’t measure. In leading the Vaisala air quality business very important issues such as air pollution and global warming are combined. For example a micro particle called black coal has been recognized as a major source of global warming. We have the know-how of measuring such particles, which is why we play an important role in leading the change.

  • Sabina Lindström

    Sabina Lindström

    Ministry of Transport and Communications, Director General, Networks Department


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  • Marianna Harju

    Marianna Harju

    Kauniainen, Director of Technical and Planning Services Read more

  • Jorma Mikkonen

    Jorma Mikkonen

    Lassila & Tikanoja, Director, Corporate Relations and Responsibility


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    We have plenty of knowhow of smart and clean and the capital city region is a suitably compact area to which we can build international references for bio- and waste refineries as well as energy solutions. The capital region cities have identified many needs to use resources smarter and us companies have plenty of ideas how to solve them.

  • Jari Niemelä

    Jari Niemelä

    University of Helsinki, President


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    I have worked for a long time in environmental research, teaching and management. I have led the Helsinki University environmental research and teaching unit for 20 years and was involved in starting the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science.

    As the university President I have begun to work on the sustainability of our own operations. The work group started for concreate actions looks into, for example, compensating the CO2 emissions of our staff’s flights.

  • Juha-Matti Saksa

    Juha-Matti Saksa

    Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Rector


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    Every day we fight for a better world by means of science. I work in a scientific community where curious people inspire each other. Without curiosity we can’t change the world. A curious person tries, fails and succeeds faster than others. As a university we have high quality know-how in clean energy, circular economy and responsible business and entrepreneurship. That’s why we want to build together the world’s most mind-blowing and vital Smart & Clean capital.

  • Ossi Savolainen

    Ossi Savolainen

    Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council Management, Regional Mayor


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  • Hanna Sölli

    Hanna Sölli

    YIT, Director, Green Growth Read more


  • Pekka Timonen

    Pekka Timonen

    City of Lahti, Mayor


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  • Hanna Uusitalo

    Hanna Uusitalo

    KONE Oyj, Environmental Director Read more

    The metropolitan area is an open and developing area that offers great opportunities and an excellent meeting place for professionals from different fields. We already have many concrete examples of innovative collaboration between companies, communities, cities, universities and research institutes. KONE and its environmental know-how in its field are world class. We and I have strong experience in how to focus on emission-free transportation and constructing together with different actors.

  • Ritva Viljanen

    Ritva Viljanen

    City of Vantaa, Mayor


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    As the mayor of the cit of Vantaa, my job is to encourage the citizens and city employees to reach for our common goals that are part of our Smart & Clean work: We are open, bold, responsible and cooperative.

  • Maiju Westergren

    Maiju Westergren

    Helen, Vice President, Sustainability and Public Affairs


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