Smart & Clean’s 5‐year work coming to an end – Watch the Legacy video

News 08.04.2021

Smart & Clean Foundation’s fifth and final year is coming to an end in June 2021. Since 2016 we have been working hard to create climate solutions together with the Helsinki metropolitan cities, companies, universities, R&D institutions, and the Finnish state.

We are able to tackle the climate crisis only by working together in novel ways and by building impactful climate actions and circular solutions in cooperation. It’s like playing in a symphony orchestra; everyone’s unique skill and input is needed, and we need to apply new approaches to succeed instead of everyone playing solo. This is what our legacy video, where a new fantastic interpretation of Darude’s Sandstorm is played, is about.

Read more about our work, the foundation’s new role as an orchestrator, and our model on how to make a systemic change into a 1,5°C society together.