Smart & Clean change ideas

Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean –foundation drives and makes significant changes through different kinds of projects and concepts. We welcome ideas for changes, projects and concepts from everyone. Smart & Clean changes have to be done in the Helsinki region or Lahti. Preferably across more than one city. Smart & Clean actions must fullfill the following criteria:

  • Drive the main Smart & Clean themes
    • The world’s most attractive emmission-free mobility
    • The world’s most resource wise citizens
    • The world’s smartest urban energy
    • The world’s leading circular economy city
    • The world’s most sustainable built environment
  • Contribute to emission reduction and/or resource efficiency
  • Have business and export potential
  • Have international reference value
  • Have social impact and sustainable living
  • Done in cooperation of several parties and breaking barriers.
    Public and private sectors must be included

If you would like to propose an idea, please answer the following questions: