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Good indoor air as a service

Indoor Air as a Service

Cities, businesses and research institutions develop good indoor air as a service concept. The aim is to produce better understanding of what makes good indoor air and root causes of bad air. An ecosystem is born, which generates new, better indoor air solutions, services, practices and export concepts.

Good indoor air as a service project develops solutions that enable improved quality of indoor air. It also enables purchasing quality indoor air as a service. This is achieved through creating criteria for good indoor air as well as measurements and methods to prove good indoor air quality conditions.

Understanding the factors, which affect the measured and experienced quality of indoor air and their effects allows new way of acquiring and managing of indoor air quality. The property owner or user can set requirements for indoor air quality and maintenance companies can sell good indoor air in the same way as they nowadays sell energy efficiency.

All cities share the challenges caused by poor indoor air quality. It has notable social and economic aspects as the direct and indirect costs of poor indoor air are many billion euros per year.

The end result of the project is an ecosystem which provides new solutions and export concepts addressing the quality challenges of indoor air. The physical development platform is comprised of 20-30 selected sites in Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa. Better understanding of the good indoor air quality components supports decision making and more efficient allotment of resources.

Good indoor air as a service concept requires active cooperation of public and private stakeholders. Many interested and possible partners for the project have already been recognised from different sectors.

Project status

The preparation of this change project started in fall 2017 and ended at the beginning of the year 2018. The funding of the project was secured in March. AIKO-funding for initiating regional innovations and experiments was granted by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

During the starting phase, city specific pilot sights and the actions in them are being confirmed.   The project coordinator, VTT is organizing a business forum for interested companies and other stakeholder groups. The kick-off and start of the business forum is organized during April and May 2018.

Project status



Air quality as a service. Better understanding of the components of good indoor air helps to allocate resources, supports decision-making and leads to new solutions.

Better quality of life

Millions of people’s everyday life can be improved by solving indoor air quality problems.

Business potential

The business potential of the project has been estimated to be hundreds of millions in Finland and billions of Euros globally.

Why a ground-breaking project

Good indoor air as a service concept is a novel approach to a globally common problem.


Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Aalto University are participating in the preparation phase. Several companies have told of their interest. VTT is leading the project.,