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Stop stormwater emissions to natural waters

Stormwater Quality Management

Project develops natural quality management solutions for urban stormwater. The systems are tested in a real city environment and innovative solutions are commercialised. Emissions to waters are being reduced by cleaning, for example, microplastic and nutrients from the water. This also supports circular economy.

Stormwater management is one of the most essential questions related to climate change resilience in urban infrastructure. Reaching the goals of cities requires development of stormwater quality management practices and new technical solutions.

In S&C Stormwater Management project cities nominate areas where quality management test environments are built. Several natural and sustainable solutions are tested in cooperation with businesses.

Natural technologies such as recycled materials and biocarbon are the future of stormwater infrastructure internationally. Large scale us of them still requires testing in actual operational environment. The solutions have market and export potential in all urban areas that face changing weather conditions. This means that commercialized pioneer solutions are needed.

Business ecosystems supported by research organisations offer cities integrated solutions. Information generated in the process is shared on an open digital platform.

Project status


The preparation of Stormwater Management project began in the autumn 2017. The implementation phase will start in the beginning of 2018 and lasts for 18 months.

Project status



Developing stormwater quality management reduces emissions of, for example, microplastics and harmful chemicals to water reservoirs. Nutrients from stormwaters can be recycled.

Better quality of life

Greener urban environment creates better quality of life. Stormwater management reduces the harms caused by storms and floods.

Business potential

Quality management solutions for stormwater have markets and export potential in all urban areas, especially with northern climate.

Why a ground-breaking project

Natural, tested and commercial scale stormwater quality management systems are unique worldwide.


All S&C cities are collaborating in the project and market dialogue between companies, cities and R&D institutions has begun.,