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Stop stormwater emissions to natural waters

Stormwater Quality Management

Project develops natural and high-quality management solutions for urban stormwater. The system solutions are tested in a real city environment and innovative solutions are commercialised. By cleaning for example microplastics and nutrients from the water, emissions to waters and surrounding environments are being reduced. This also supports circular economy.

Stormwater management is one of the most essential questions related to climate change resilience in urban infrastructure. Reaching the urban climate and sustainability goals requires development of stormwater quality management practices and new technical solutions.

The S&C Stormwater Quality Management -project builds a qualitative management platform where four S&C cities, together with companies, develop smart, natural and sustainable solutions for managing stormwaters straining the nearby drainage basins. There are seven sites where different solutions are being tested. These include developing an artificial underground wetland for use in airports, testing new bioinfiltration materials for swales, piloting a new filtration module suitable for installation in an existing stormwater sewer line, a new floating pier solution for the detention of stormwater overflows as well as various stormwater retention and treatment measures. An interactive multipurpose area is also being planned and executed.

Natural technologies such as recycled materials and biocarbon are the future of stormwater infrastructure internationally. Large scale use still requires testing and proving the solutions’ functionality in actual operational environment. The solutions have market and export potential in all urban areas that face changing weather conditions. This means that commercialized pioneer solutions are needed.

Business ecosystem supported by research organisations offer cities integrated solutions in this change project. Monitoring the stormwaters and developing the management methods is executed by University of Helsinki and Aalto University together. Information generated in the process is shared on an open digital platform.

The change project is mapping export possibilities of stormwater management solutions, developing good practices, networks for export promotion as well as opening channels for exporting the stormwater concepts and services to serve the needs of the cities. This is done together with businesses.

Stormwater Quality Management -project is Smart & Clean change project that is in line with the growth agreement of Helsinki metropolitan area. It is funded by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional council’s AIKO-financing for starting regional innovations and experiments.

Project status

The Stormwater Quality Management project began at the start of 2018 and it lasts for 15 months. Permission processes, planning and building of seven stormwater sites and management solutions has been started according to the project plan. Needed measurements and observation of the sites is being prepared by universities and other research actors. First export promotion workshop is held in May 2018.

Project status



Developing stormwater quality management reduces emissions of, for example, microplastics and harmful chemicals to water reservoirs. Nutrients from stormwaters can be recycled.

Better quality of life

Greener urban environment creates better quality of life. Stormwater management reduces the harms caused by storms and floods.

Business potential

Quality management solutions for stormwater have markets and export potential in all urban areas, especially with northern climate.

Why a ground-breaking project

Natural, tested and commercial scale stormwater quality management systems are unique worldwide.


Stormwater Quality Management change project is led by City of Lahti. Other partners include Cities of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa as well as Finavia oyj, Aalto Univeristy, University of Helsinki, Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE), Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY), Sensmet Oy, Optoseven Oy, WSP Finaldn Oy, Sitowise Oy, Ruskon Betoni Oy, Rudus Oy, LECA Finland Oy and Bluet Oy. Stormwater management solutions are export promotion work is done together with Finnish Water Forum, Solved and wider cluster of businesses and other stakeholder groups.,