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All busses and work machines to biofuels


Busses, work machines and city trucks will use 100 percent waste based biofuels by 2020. This will reduce carbon dioxide and particle emissions.

Helsinki city construction service Stara’s utility vehicles and busses commissioned by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) will use only renewable biofuels by 2020. This is pioneering in the world.

The project reduces CO2 emissions as well as local micro particle and NoX emissions. The effects will be biggest in the Helsinki centre air quality.

Bio100 enables a fast transition to biofuels as all the important stakeholders are involved. The benefit of high grade biofuels is that they don’t require building of new infrastructure and old vehicles can be used.

HSL’s Helsinki region public transport system uses around 1 400 busses that use around 40 000 tons of fuel a year. Stara’s vehicles use around 2 000 tons. All together nearly 500 000 tons of biofuels are produce a year in Finland.

The Smart & Clean Foundation and Climate Leadership Council LC invited all the stakeholders to discussions and facilitated them. The fuel producers, HSL, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labour found a common ground thanks to these effort and have been able to achieve a significant change.

The project stage

Common goals have been set. Currently operators and fuel providers are negotiating contracts. The goal of 100 percent biofuels will most likely be reached.

Project status



80 % reduction in CO2 emissions, which means 120 000 tons a year

Better quality of life

Lower exposure to air pollution – up to 30 percent less small particle emissions.

Business potential

Can be scaled to all the world’s cities, several billion Euro market potential.

Why a ground-breaking project

Among the first city regions to start using 100% waste based biofuels.


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