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Challenge: Let’s cook up the best urban food!

Smart & Clean Urban Food Ecosystem

How does a truly sustainable urban food feel, taste and look like? Smart & Clean Urban Food project seeks novel, low-carbon, scalable and impactful proposals, which together could form a powerful, circular, future-fit and internationally renown food ecosystem. You are invited! A successful ecosystem needs diverse actors from local food production to restaurants, schools, logistics, digital solutions…just to mention but a few.

What this is about?

Smart & Clean envisions a truly sustainable urban food ecosystem in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Truly sustainable refers to the following: the ecosystem is economically viable, it operates according to the circular economy principles, it is low carbon and optimises natural resources, food waste is minimised, nutrients are cycled, food furthers health and well-being of citizens.

To boost the conversation, we have also launched a stirring challenge competition, which runs until the 4th May.

We are reaching out to identify what the needs, existing projects, challenges and dreams are about. The conversation happens on the Smart & Clean digital platform, which is the place to share your views, ideas and have debate with other urban food enthusiasts ranging from entrepreneurs to big players and researchers.

We invite you to join the conversation and share your ideas! The idea-cooks and other experts are invited to work on the best proposals in May and they have the possibility to win a free dinner or tickets to Allas Sea Pool.

The aim is to get an ambitious change project off the ground in the autumn 2018 bringing together private and public actors.

The overall project goal is to create a world-changing low-carbon urban food system, which generates new business, jobs and enhances the quality of life.

How to join the conversation?

The urban food conversation takes place on the Smart & Clean digital platform. Through joining the platform, you will get a chance to be part of the growing urban food community, network online with other doers and experts, find interesting articles on the topic and further develop other people’s ideas. The challenge competition closed 4th May.

More info about the Smart & Clean Urban Food project please contact Lilli Linkola, lilli.linkola@ethica.

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Project status


The project is led by Smart&Clean Foundation in collaboration with Ethica and Solved Network.,