Sustain­able Urban Food Through a Food Net­work

Smart & Clean Urban Food Marketplace Trendsetter

The Smart & Clean urban food project is creating a stronger market for local food, whether it be wild herbs or food waste. The food is provided by an extensive network supporting urban food, which includes, for example, restaurants, small producers, factories, households, digital marketplaces and educational institutions.

Lilli Linkola: “Urban food produc­tion should be a profit­able business”

“Because of climate change, people will have to become even more adaptable to things such as weather fluctuations. As the daily life of farmers gets more difficult, food production should become more diverse. Promoting urban food is one way to expand food markets. Everyone can have an impact on a sustainable future by making responsible food choices.”

– Lilli Linkola, project coordinator

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What is it all about

Emission reductions

Diminishing food waste leads to lower needs for food production and emissions are reduced. Delivery related emissions for transporting local food are lower than for e.g. food shipped from abroad.

Better quality of life

Better traceability of local food enhances consumer choices impact on the health of individuals, the vitality of the local economy and environment, and a sustainable future in general.

Business potential

Promoting urban food opens up completely new kinds of food consumption and distribution markets. Opportunities will open for individuals as well as existing actors, from restaurants to food producers and chain stores.


A network of operators from different levels uniquely promotes diverse urban food consumption and utilizes digital platforms as well as interactive trading channels.


The change project creates an extensive ecosystem that supports local food market and includes, for example, restaurants, digital marketplaces, educational institutions, farmers and households.

What does sustainable food in the Helsinki Metropolitan area look, feel and taste like? The Smart & Clean Urban Food project aims to create stronger markets for local food, whether it be wild herbs or food waste.

The aim of the urban food market ecosystem is to specifically support sustainable food and its production. Sustainability means that food is clean and is produced according to circular economy principles, with low emissions and by using natural resources smartly. The aim is to eliminate food waste and protect the nutrient cycle. The activity is market-driven and promotes the health and wellbeing of citizens. Project also focuses on improvement of delivery services and develops shared delivery platforms for small producers.

The aim is to find new operating models and business ideas for urban food market and create new growth opportunities for existing market operators. Market development improves the viability of small producers and brings sustainable urban food closer to citizens.


Project is led by Ethica Oy and the project partners are Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College, Svenska lantbrukssällskapens förbund (SFL), Aline Creative Technology Oy, Oy, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and Seulo Palvelut Oy. Other stakeholders involved are among others Apetit Ruoka Oy, Avanto Ventures Oy, Oy Karl Fazer Ab, City of Espoo, Forest Foody, From Waste to Taste ry, Helsinki Deaconess Insititute, Helsieni Oy, Helsinki Service Center, Herttoniemi food co-op, Finnish 4H Organisation and Stadin Puutarhuri.

Where are we going

The joint Urban Food Marketplace Trendsetter change project was launched in October 2018 and will last for seven months. The first phase of the project involved a survey of needs, ongoing projects, challenges and dreams of the sector with interactive dialogue and workshops together with Ethica and Solved.

The project is a Smart & Clean change project in accordance with the Helsinki Metropolitan growth agreement. It receives AIKO funding awarded by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council for launching of regional innovations and pilots. The project is co-funded by Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa cities, Oy Karl Fazer Ab, Apetit Ruoka Oy, Sitra and Smart & Clean Foundation.


In progress

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