Aviapolis’ environmentally friendly drone delivery tests were a success

News 04.04.2019

There are many kinds of pilots in the air in the Aviapolis area. During the 18.–20.3.2019 test period, Matkahuolto and the K Group tested a new way of transporting packages by using drones to fly about one hundred e-commerce shipments from Aviapolis to package pick-up points. The Aviapolis Traffic Lab's Official Business Area is one of Smart & Clean’s change projects.

Matkahuolto, the K Group and Robots Expert surveyed the efficiency of drone deliveries using real e-commerce consumer deliveries. Fleetonomy.ai, Skyports, Telia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute are also involved in the testing. The packages were flown from the Aviapolis Matkahuolto terminal to pick-up points in K-Market Kartanonkoski and Ylästö. Consumer experiences with having drones as package delivery tools were also collected at the same time.

The drones flew along pre-analysed routes and staff followed their movements in real time during the test period. The flights were simulated using artificial intelligence before the final flight routes were chosen. You can watch video material of the deliveries on Vantaan Kanava’s website. MTV Uutiset Live also followed the flights.

Consumer-oriented and low-emission drone deliveries are modern day logistics

Drone deliveries answer the needs of the modern consumer, who values speed and easiness, and the growing concern over online shopping emissions. Drones can deliver packages directly to the buyer’s local shop and send real-time information from the package route straight to the buyer’s mobile device.  

Consumers are concerned about the social responsibility and environmental effects of online shopping. Last year, Matkahuolto delivered over 15 million packages, and the number of e-commerce orders keeps growing. Drones are an environmentally friendly delivery method. If even 0.1 percent of Finland’s package deliveries were made using drones, it could save an annual amount of 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This would mean about three thousand drone deliveries per day.  

The Traffic Lab is developing solutions for future mobility

The drone trial is part of Smart & Clean’s Aviapolis Traffic Lab’s Official Business Area change project, which creates and develops flexible transport and logistics services. Digitality and the application of new technologies such as drones are key elements of creating solutions for the future. Vantaa’s Aviapolis Traffic Lab’s subprojects aim to find safe, low-emission and cost-effective mobility and logistics solutions that can be applied in other localities both within Finland and internationally.