Tommi Vieno­nen: “People and the environ­ment both benefit from efficient repair con­struction”

Interview 31.12.2018

There is much to be repaired in the Finnish building stock. Although property forms a large part of Finnish people’s assets, many buildings are in need of repair. Pipe and facade renovations are everyday things familiar to many Finns. According to Vienonen, there is always room for improvement in repair construction.

“If we were to learn how to repair buildings more efficiently than we currently do, it would benefit both people and the environment. Renovations would take less time and improving energy efficiency would reduce the strain on the climate”, says building company YIT Talon Tekniikka’s Development and Marketing Manager Tommi Vienonen.

Vienonen is YIT’s contact person for the Smart Elements for Renovation Leap change project. The project, put together by the Smart & Clean Foundation, aims to create smart and replicable repair construction practices. Vienonen believes the project is extremely important.

“The so-called maintenance backlog of the Finnish housing stock is up to 30–50 billion euros. Furthermore, we have all seen the IPCC report on the realities of climate change. It’s very timely to think about how we can organise things more intelligently with regard to repair construction, as well”, Vienonen says.

Change comes through cooperation

As development and marketing manager, Vienonen is happy to be involved in projects aiming at reform. Creating change is important and it is best achieved through doing things together. That is why Vienonen believes that the Smart Elements for Renovation Leap change project can influence the future of repair construction.

“The great thing about this project is how all the parties involved in renovation are with us right from the beginning. We design and concept develop the course of action together. Cooperation is definitely our strength.”

The project is proceeding at a good pace. The concepts designed together will be implemented at the first locations in Helsinki and Lahti in 2019. Vienonen is very pleased to be a part of the Renovation Leap change project.

“A better future comes from small and big deeds done by all of us. Everyone needs to think about what we can do to improve things both in our private and working lives. This is an important working life project that I can be involved in to create a better future.”