for 1,5°C world.

We build solutions that will enable urban citizens to live good and climate positive lives. Staying below 1,5 °C global warming requires urgent and massive CO2 emission reductions, as well as changes in lifestyles.

Smart & Clean is a world leading community building impactful climate solutions for systemic challenges. New types of mobility, energy, housing and circular economy solutions mitigate climate change while providing new business opportunities for the companies involved.

Together with Helsinki metropolitan cities, businesses and the research community we build multi stakeholder ecosystems to accelerate the transition.

The world’s wicked challenges are solved locally in cities, but their impact is global.

The Heroes

Mission State­ment

Do, Do, Do

We – businesses, cities, the government, research institutes and universities – are committed to getting things done in the Helsinki Region. We are solving the greatest challenges of the cities by creating new solutions and services for things such as mobility, housing, food, energy production and emission reduction. The involvement of all the major actors in the region is a unique phenomenon worldwide. We are creating new business by bringing visionary actors together.

Change the World

The solutions tested in the Helsinki Region are becoming more common, and also positively influence people’s lives and the health of the environment outside Finland. We are leading by example through working towards producing the world’s most attractive emission-free mobility, the world’s most resource-wise citizens, the world’s smartest urban energy and the world’s leading circular economy city. The city we are striving to create will also have the world’s most sustainable built environment.


Saving the world is good business. We are creating bold solutions in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The area’s change actions, such as projects, technologies, services and concepts can be exported to cities around the world. Businesses can use the new solutions created in the Helsinki Region as their business cards abroad. Effective solutions also improve people’s quality of life wherever they are introduced.

The World’s Clean­est and Smart­est City

We are creating and initiating a number of major changes during five years. The changes can include several different actions, such as projects, export concepts or operating models. They lead to new kinds of productive, climate-positive courses of action that support the circular economy, and which will become established as permanent changes in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The changes move us towards five long-term goals:


The world’s most attractive emission-free mobility

The Helsinki Region transport system is smart, flexible and efficient. Public transport is a more attractive option to people than private cars. Finnish businesses are pioneers in providing attractive mobility services.


The world’s most resource-wise citizens

The food waste of urban citizens and businesses is minimal, and buildings and apartments are smart as well as energy-efficient. We use the most sensible modes of transport for the environment and ourselves. This is enabled by new consumer cleantech solutions developed in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that are completely unique.


The world’s smartest urban energy

The Helsinki Region’s energy system is efficient and emission-free. It enables the participation of urban citizens and guides us to make decisions that benefit the environment. Smart solutions support people and businesses in saving energy. The solutions developed in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are utilised around the world.


The world’s leading circular economy city

The sharing economy, energy-efficiency and cooperation between urban citizens and businesses in order to save raw materials is commonplace. The wise use of resources increases the efficiency and productivity of municipalities and businesses. The innovations are used in cities across the world, where they improve the quality of life of citizens.


The world’s most sustainable built environment

The Helsinki Region’s residential areas are good for the environment. They produce more energy than they consume. Construction and repair construction increase well-being. Solutions are planned on a residential, district or city scale. The services and concepts developed in the cities are successfully exported to the world.