for 1,5°C world.

We build solutions that will enable urban citizens to live good and climate positive lives. Staying below 1,5 °C global warming requires urgent and massive CO2 emission reductions, as well as changes in lifestyles.

Smart & Clean is a world leading community building impactful climate solutions for systemic challenges. New types of mobility, energy, housing and circular economy solutions mitigate climate change while providing new business opportunities for the companies involved.

Together with Helsinki metropolitan cities, businesses and the research community we build multi stakeholder ecosystems to accelerate the transition.

The world’s wicked challenges are solved locally in cities, but their impact is global.

Cities have the means to solve climate challenges locally and make an impact globally. Tackling urban emissions means reducing both locally produced and consumption based CO2 emissions.

Both public and private sectors need to invest into new solutions. Just to meet the 1,5°C target in the energy sector, $830 billion annual additional investments are needed.

We are lucky to have the needed education, technology, and trust in Helsinki to make a systemic change together in public-private ecosystems.